Terms & Booking

Upon booking a hunt, a $500 deposit is required and will be credited toward your hunt.  If a cancellation is required, we will make every effort to fill your booking and return your deposit.  If we are unable to fill your booking, your deposit will be forfeited.

Hunts will begin at noon on the starting day of your hunt and end at noon on the last day of your hunt.

Drinking alcoholic beverages during the day will forfeit the use of any weapons until noon the next day.

Our deer are 100% wild, not pen-raised, so hunts are not guaranteed kills.  If a particular "class" hunt is booked and you are not provided an opportunity at that "class" animal, you do not pay and your deposit will be applied to your next booking.  However, if you are presented an opportunity at that "class" animal and you elect not to shoot, full price of the hunt will be charged or a $375 fee per day required, whichever is less.  This also applies to shoot-and-miss opportunities.  This fee allows us to recover the cost for food, housing, and guides.  A fee of $75 per day is required for non-hunting guests and will be added to the total cost of your hunt.  There is no fee for food and housing for children age 16 and under.

Your guide will determine an approximate score for your animal.  If the guide misjudges the score, you will not be charged an overage fee.  You do, however, have the option of upgrading/downgrading the category of hunt with the respective pricing being applied.

A wounded animal is considered a kill.  We will make every effort available to recover your animal, although we cannot guarantee a recovery.  To ensure your rifle is correctly aligned, we require that hunters shoot their guns on the ranch at our 100-200 yard range prior to hunting.

At the completion of your hunt, the balance of your package can be paid in cash or by check.

All hunters and non-hunters will be required to fill out a liability waiver prior to activity on the ranch.

Additional Terms: 

  • Guests are responsible for their own toiletries, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant (scent-free), etc.
  • LBR will provide clean bedding and towels, soap and shampoo.
  • Guests may bring their own alcoholic beverages, if desired.
  • Any special diet restrictions or needs must be addressed prior to your scheduled hunt date.
  • A valid Texas hunting license must be presented to your guide prior to beginning a hunt.  Lucky Boy Ranch is a MLD (Managed Lands Deer) Level 3 permit operator.

Interested parties should complete and return a Booking and Release Form contact Jim Salter at 817.223.6677 for further information.


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